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Libararian - 08-28-2014

THIS IS A SCAM! Over the past several months have received several calls from this number. When I recognize the number and answer, the people who speak, and it is both male and female voices, have heavy Indian/Pakistani accents. They claim to be Microsoft Tech Support but are simply trying to get personal information from those they call.

Yesterday, after the phone rang several times showing that number, I answered and told them that we have enough home-grown criminals without having to import them from third world countries. I was royally cursed out before I hung up. They then called 7 more times (I didn't answer) until 9 pm,

Since I am on both my state and the federal Do Not Call lists, I think it is time they startd doing something about these harassing calls.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: claims Microsoft Tech Support
Number: 101-275-0501


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