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nanda - 02-02-2015

I got call from this number 1409580674, first one lady spoke to me said calling from LIC head office dividend division. Your dividend has been cancelled by your agent by doing so agent will get 40% commission and 60% goes to LIC as unclaimed amount. we are here to help you. Will connect to senior manager to avail this dividend for we want to confirm your details and asked the policy number, dob, address and mobile number to confirm.
So called Manager spoke to me that LIC has tie up with Future Generali Life Insurance Company, FGLI has given dividend and they want to give directly to policy holder as per SEBI rule, you do not have any relationship with FGLI so buy FGLI insurance of Rs 28000pa and cancel the policy after 3 months. Will ask FGLI agent to contact you in 15 mins. Today is the last date for your reopen of file otherwise you won't get your money.
After this call I verified with different agent and LIC Managers. They said no Tie with up FGLI.
I got the call from this same number but this time guy said he is from FGLI, I said I donot have money now will buy insurance later.
Within 2 mins again got call from this same number so called manager Vishal, I did not pick the call.
in 10 mins got 4 times. 5th time I took the call and said your are fake call will give police complaint immediately they cut the phone.

Caller type: Other
Caller: VISHAL
Company: LIC Head Office
Number: 140-958-0674


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