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bob - 10-30-2010

One of the scammers called stating that he was calling from Bell Canada and wanted to get Personal information. Speaks broken English.Seems south Asian Pakistani. Beware. He will collect personal info, sin and credit card info. Call was made from 162-030-000

Caller type: Other
Company: Bell Canada
Number: 162-030-0000


nyquist - 10-12-2010

Asked to speak to **** (last name). Not Mr *** or Mrs ****. I corrected them and he continued asking how long it had been since my air ducts had been cleaned. I asked whether it showed that we had asked to be on the do-not-call list, consider we asked 4 times. I asked to speak to a supervisor, he said he was transferring me, and then hung up. Nice. According to my wife that's what happened last time she received the call.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Company: air duct cleaning
Number: 162-030-0000


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