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James - 09-15-2010

A got a guy who called me from this number, very bad connection, asked me to speak to my sister (by name - she doesn't live here). He got increasingly agitated when I said she wasn't her, he then asked me if I was Hassan.

I said, no, asked who he was. He then went BALLISTIC, screaming "NO F*CK OFF! F*CK OFF! F*CK OFF!!!!!"

What nice customer service.

If I knew his name I'd go and send CVs in his name to every porn producer in the country where he works and have them call his employer non-stop until he gets fired. I'm sure with his temprement he could deal with this situation calmly and rationally - or he could just OD and die. Either way I'd be happy.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Number: 190-254-4787


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