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Central Office: JERSEYCITY, NJ - AT&T LOCAL [?]

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kk - 12-18-2013

I also got lot of calls from these guys saying that they are getting signals of viruses from my computer and it has to be corrected and they are working for microsoft and they are genuion and they are working out of new york city.
They want me to switch on my computer and want them to access my laptop.
When i said that i do not have any computer at all, they started arguing and shouting on me that this is not possible and i am lying with them.
Then i said its rediculous and i cannot bear with u guys and i drop the call.
These are the numbers that i used to get call from and when i call them back, it says the phone is not in service.
dont belive in these people and don't share your computers / laptop to access.

Caller type: Scammer
Company: cyber support team
Number: 201-234-3503


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