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Meg - 02-25-2014

Received a call from this number 2013517741...he stated he was from Microsoft....I then asked for the number he was calling from and he gave me this number 2032065736 I then questioned him for his name ..he then said he was my neighbor...... I then asked for his name again...and he said my name.....and I stated excuse me.....and then he said Justin... " my last name" ....and I said excuse me again ...and then he said he was my husband and didn't I remember him.... I then told him that this call was being traced by the local authorities .... and he hung up ..... I have received a call like this once before and they stated that there is a virus on your computer..... this call was beyond comprehension....once I hung up and received a dial tone... I dialed *57 and then was prompted for 1 to trace call.... once trace is successful you can go to your local authorities and find out more information ...

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Said
Company: Microsoft
Number: 201-351-7741


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