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not getting a dime from me - 07-25-2011

about a month ago i received two voicemails, one on my cell phone and one on my mother's house phone (which i haven't lived with since 1999). the voicemail stated that it was the county's office with a summon's to appear in court for a civil suit filed against me (they left no county office phone number, only a 800 number and a case number). right from the start it sounded fishy to me. i've had summons and civil suits before. the county's office never calls and the same sheriff always serves me paperwork regardless of what type of lawsuit it is. today a private number called (they always call private). The man stated that his name was Jason Marks from Legal Claims Services and that a civil suit was filed against me. He advised to call RF & Associates at 866-697-3175 and refer to a specific case number. I asked Jason Marks for his number and ext. He gave me phone number 210-401-7907 (San Antonio, TX number but Legal Claims Services doesn't exist in TX) but that he didn't have an ext. I called 210-401-7907 and received a voicemail stating it was MagicJack customer and to leave a message. Really?!?! MagicJack?!?! How unprofessional but that's what to expect from SCAMMERS. a month ago when i called the 800 number left on my voicemail, a lady answered with "how may i direct your call?". She couldn't tell me the company name since "there are a lot of companies within this building". Right! when i called today, the lady stated RF & Associates but said it so fast i had to ask her to repeat it. She then asked "how can i direct your call?". I told her i had no idea and advised i had a case number. she told my case number and stated she will transfer me to the appropriate person. i hung up. i shouldn't have to get a call from one number asking to call another and than get transferred to someone else. SCAMMERS, SCAMMERS, SCAMMERS ... i'm going to have fun toying with them. hahaha

I have googled the phone numbers and company names. All i find is forums on how they are rude, unprofessional and trying to collect on debts that are too old to collect on or not valid at all. they also make inquiries on your credit report. they are known to go by many names and phone numbers over the years but pretty much the same scare tactics.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Jason Marks
Company: Legal Claims Services
Number: 201-401-7907


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