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Aaron - 12-01-2014

I received a call on my landline, which I give out to no one, and spoke with a woman with a heavy Indian(?) accent telling me that my computer was full of corrupted files. She told me that they were calling me because I was the registered user on my computer. She told me that there were many corrupted files and they needed to understand what the problem was. Then she asked if my computer was on and what I could see on the screen. I said nothing. She said, "Nothing?!? You cannot even see the normal icons?" I said that of course I could see the icons, but there is nothing else up on my screen. She then asked me what key was immediately to the right of my Ctrl key. I asked her for some more information about who she was calling from and why. She basically told me that I needed her to figure out what was wrong with my computer because it was sending out all sorts of error messages. I told her that I used several tools to clean my computer and then I asked her if this was a registry issue. She said, "Oh, yes, of course." I told her I had a tool for that as well. They she said, "Please hang up the call, sir, you are wasting my time." I said, "You are wasting my time, you called me." Then I hung up on her.

Caller type: Scammer
Company: Technical Support
Number: 201-565-6566


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