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DP - 03-10-2015

I recieved a call from 202-177-7222 (there is no 177 exchange, anywhere in the US, much less Washington DC). I recieved 5 or 6 calls from these people. Each time the phone is staffed by a person who is barely able to speak english and I had serious difficulty understanding what they were saying and they dumped the call the first 4 or 5 times.
They claim they are calling from Washington DC and that I was awarded a $10,200 US Government Grant FREE and I would never have to pay it back. The money would be coming from the US Federal Reserve Bank and I had two options for recieving the money... Either on a credit card or to a bank account. They claim you can spend the money on whatever you want as long as it is not criminal activity. They asked what I might spend it on. Then they want you to give them your account number and claim the money will be available in 25 minutes.
When I mentioned, I don't use credit cards, he said they could give it to me via my bank account and wanted to know what that number was. I told him it sounded like a SCAM and I could NOT give him my bank information; he quickly offered me a number to call back to and talk to his supervisor, who would then explain all the details to me. Along with the 202-697-9653 number he gave me an "account number" to reference to his supervisor (JB143 - kinda short for an account # the Government would give you).
I then searched the # on the internet and wound up here...
Obvious to me it is a SCAM...
NEVER give your information to someone calling you, who you did not specifically request a call from. I am currently on a JOB hunt and assume they captured my phone number from my resume or other website I input my number to. Furthermore, if you recieve a phone call from a suspicious number or person, attempt to call that number back and see what happens. ANY 1xx exchange is inoperative in the US so it was suspicious to me right away. The call-back # with 697 exchange he gave me I assumed would work, and it did, but apparently, the "supervisor" was busy SCAMMING someone else and it never answered when I called it.
Thanks and BE CAREFUL folks...

Caller type: Scammer
Company: US Government
Number: 202-177-7222


Monae - 12-20-2014

Call this morning on my cellphone did not leave a message

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 202-177-7222


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