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Jerk Buster - 03-07-2014

I encourage everyone who gets called from these jerks to call them back CONTINUOUSLY (every 30 sec). Apparently, they are stupid enough to use a phone line for their restaurant business (There is an Egyptian restaurant in EGYPT that has this telephone number listed on their Facebook!) to make this call. The continuous phone calls apparently clogged their line up and THEY DON'T LIKE IT!
I got a call this AM from these jerks at number 202-241-2126. I really got pissed off and called them back every 30 sec. Initially, there is just a message stating that "this mailbox does not accept messages." Eventually, the phone line opened up. It took about 40+ calls until these jerks were so bothered that they finally picked up, and even called me back on my cell phone. At first, these jerks got into cussing and threatening match with me (at least, I think that was what it was since I really could not understand them very well). Eventually, after another 40+ calls from me leaving 40+ message "whoever the a-hole who called me today and pretended to be CIA agents, pick up or I will keep calling all f...... day," some other jerk finally picked up and POLITELY begged me not to call because it disrupted his "restaurant business." He pretended to not know who called me but said he will find out and will tell him not to call me again, POLITELY.
The most important thing I got from this is that the barrage of continuous calls DOES disrupt whatever "business" these jerks are doing! It probably prevents them from using the line to con other people!
Once again, I do encourage that anyone who receives calls from these lowlife jerks at 202-241-**** to "return the favor" and barrage these as**oles relentlessly to interfere with their "business." Hopefully, these little actions will tie them up and take their time away from conning others.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: IRS Crime Division
Number: 202-241-2083


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