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Investigator - 11-14-2014

Scam updates for 202-241-7013. I just called this number to see if scammers are still using this number to scam people. Back in Oct 21, 2014, when I called this number, I got "This magicjack customer is unable to take your call." it was MJ automated answering system. So, I called again to see if any changes again. Today, a guy who sounded like Indian, picked up the phone. He said, "hello?" like picking up a phone at home. So, I asked him, what is this number? Then he said, "This is Sun Trust Bank." So, I asked him the location. Then he said, he is in Washington DC. I finally asked for his address. He could not answer me and asked me what's my name. I said I don't need to tell you my name. He told me that he will not give his address unless I say my name. Anyway, this is still a scam number. People, please be careful with this number.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: do not know
Company: used to be IRS now they say Sun Trust Bank
Number: 202-241-7013


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