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Rebecca - 10-10-2014

The computer-generated sounding message on my cell phone from this number (202-241-7314) said it was from "Julie Smith" with the IRS and that she needed to speak with me immediately. When I called I got a "Stephen Clark" (with a heavy Indian accent) who tried to convince me that he was from the Internal Revenue Service and that if we did not pay outstanding taxes immediately a warrant would be issued for me and my husband immediately and all our money seized. He said that while they had attempted to send me this information by registered mail twice, but nobody was home either time. Since I had moved last year, I was worried that this was possible. When I asked him about why this phone number wasn't a 800 number with an extension, he told me that it was a direct line and then he called my cell phone from another line and it showed as 1-800-829-1040... a number listed on the website. That made me almost believe them. Then he told me that while he couldn't resolve this situation, his supervisor "Alex Cooper" could help me. When I told "Alex" (another heavy Indian accent) that we did not have the money and started crying he finally took pity on me and admitted that this whole thing is a scam. PLEASE share this info about this phone number - I would hate to see someone lose their savings to this horrible scam.

Caller type: Scammer
Company: IRS not real
Number: 202-241-7314


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