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jh - 10-06-2014

They kept calling me and asked me to call back immediately. When I called back, they said they are IRS and asked for case number which I don't have. They then asked for my number then told me I am involved in tax fraud. They said I need to pay the tax and penalty immediately. If not, I will be arrested today. It is obviously scam. As soon as I told him I have a lawyer who can handle this for me. He hung up.

Caller: Julie
Number: 202-241-7351


L - 10-02-2014

Parents received a voice-mail at their house saying it was Agent Julie or Judy from IRS. Saying they needed to talk to the person at this residence or their attorney and to call them back at the hotline number 202-241-7351 and repeated the number. My mother called they and they asked for a case number and she didn't have one so they asked for the phone number that was called. After which they said they were calling for me. She told him I didn't live there and he said ok and hung up without asking anything farther.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Agent Julie
Company: Agent Julie automated saying from IRS
Number: 202-241-7351


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