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AJ - 10-19-2014

He called me. He asked for MY name and info after providing my number and asked what I was calling for. After I told him he said can I call you on this number. I said yes, because i was assuming he meant, in an instance we got disconnected. Jason then proceeded to ask if I would be his friend and if we could talk and have conversations. He said I sound real young and I sound pretty and he would like to talk to me because he don't have anyone. Number one, if this is really a division of the IRS, they need to consider revising who works for their division. Number two, I consider his whole demeanor and personality to be very unprofessional and I did not respect any, way, shape or form of getting "flirted" with. Because I have told several of this incident and a lot have said that is flirting and harassment bc he basically threatened me at first. Another thing I found odd, I asked him why this is the first I have heard of this tax debt since it was done in 2008 or 2009. He then told me that they have tried getting in touch with me and mailing me things. First off I lived at the same address until 2011 when we moved to this address and have been here since. My number has been the same for several years and I would have responded if I received a time sensitive mail. I am unsure if this is real or not and I want to act if so and if not I will just block number but if so, I have something I needs to let this "division" know..

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Jason Clark
Company: Crime division IRS
Number: 202-241-7497


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