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Carrie Mael - 11-12-2014

Received a call from Eric Matthews, the 'Treasury Inspector General' with the IRS. Caller ID said 'Washington DC'. He claimed my husband was being investigated by the IRS, and that we had engaged in fraudulent activity on our taxes sometime between 2006-2010. I said I do our taxes and maybe I could research if there was a problem. He went on to lecture me that this is a serious offense against the US, resulting in prison time with charges of felony/treason and tax evasion. He said the IRS has filed a legal affidavit and is seeking to recover unpaid taxes by taking legal action against us in a lawsuit. We would have a tax lien against our property, our house and assets sold off, our wages garnished, and our bank accounts frozen to recover the $. We could serve a minimum 3-year prison sentence, and be charged with a $48,000 fine, and were about to be arrested within the hour. However, if we "took care of the matter" immediately, and worked with him to pay back a minimal amount of the under-$2000 owed and set up a payment plan, the immediate arrest could be avoided. I asked questions, and he accused me of being rude, threatening that he would not be able to help me further unless I took immediate action. When I suggested this was fraud, he became angered and hung up, and said there was nothing he'd be able to do for me. Then he had a "local police officer" contact me (caller ID '911') to confirm my address and to inform me that his team will be coming to arrest me within the hour! I told the 'police' that this was a mistake, and he said he was just doing his job, and that I would need to call back the federal agent (3-way call), be more polite to him, and let him know I would work with him -- to avoid the arrest. At this point, I tried to call my husband, and got his v/m. The 'police' called back telling me I was running out of time. Upon calling Eric to discuss action needed, he advised me to immediately pay back some of the money we fraudulently owed the IRS, and that the tax dispute can be later contested in the courts. I hung up and called the local Sheriff, to report this scam.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: eric matthews
Company: Federal Treasury Inspector General
Number: 202-241-7691


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