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TS - 01-06-2012

I received a call from this number last night but had also previously received a call from a similar number so I knew it was a scam. I acted like I was so afraid and since I knew area code 202 is Washington DC, I told him that I was in DC for business and could meet him right away at his office & could bring my attorney with me. He stated that I couldn't do that because what if I brought a gun with me; to which I stated that since I too work for a Federal Government Agency I knew that all Federal Offices have security and cameras 24/7 and that if he were truly a government official he would also know that. He got really mad, yelling at me that I was in trouble, not my attorney and that he refused to speak with my attorney. He hung up on me. It was quite comical to frustrate him to that point. To say this is a scam is an understatement! This man is genuinely crazy, stupid & was totally harrassing me by yelling/screaming and then finally hung up.

Caller type: Scammer
Company: DEA
Number: 202-241-8247


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