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Nunya Bizness - 10-23-2014

When I returned the phone call from "IRS agent Julie Smith", the guy told me (in a heavy Indian accent) that I owed $4,481 in back taxes from 09/10 that I willfully withheld from the United States government. He then told me the IRS has filed a four count affidavit against me and my wife. He tried yelling at me while reading the affidavit, telling me if I interrupt him again he will file the affidavit and an IRS agent will be at my door within the hour to arrest me and take me to the courthouse. These scumbags are the type of people you wish you could reach through the phone lines for.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Julie Smith James Miller Michael Jones
Company: Treasury Inspector General Hotline
Number: 202-241-8537


This IS an IRS SCAM Read on - 10-17-2014

***Call Type: SCAMMER/Visher***

This number called my land line today at 10:09am. I do not have an answering machine on my phone any more but I do have Caller ID.

When I called the number back to see why a number from Washington, D.C. would be calling me this guy answered instead of the normal answering system used by the IRS. This person claimed to be the IRS and asked me my phone number and name to "look up" why I was being called. He then informed me that I was being sued for Tax Evasion for the years 2005 and 2006 and asked if I had a Lawyer. When I informed him that I did not owe any taxes because I haven't worked since 1997 and that while I didn't have an Attorney now that I would GET one, he hung up.

I then proceeded to find the IRS website and found that this IS a SCAM!!! Learn about it here: ... -Telephone-Scam

Then go to and report it IMMEDIATELY!!!!

It is strongly suggested that you go to and inform yourselves about the various IRS Scams that the IRS is already aware of. If you run across a new one be SURE to report it to the link given above!!!

REMEMBER: Scammers do _NOT_ pay any attention to the Do Not Call Registries!!!

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: No Identified
Company: Caller ID Unknown Name
Number: 202-241-8537


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