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Beth G - 09-09-2014

I got a call from a man with a meddle eastern accent who said he was from the Treasury Legal Dept and asked for my lawyers contact info as there was a case against me. He said that a Justin Murphy was in charge and to call him. I did so at the above number, and I was told he was busy and that he would call me bac,k. I then got a call immediately from the original guy and he continued with the party line, that he knew no details he was just to gather the info. I told him I did not believe him, and that he could get my name, address and phone off any internet site, and it meant nothing that he knew it. I said that if he truly was the government, they could correspond properly by mail. He called several more times in a row, but I yelled at him that I still believed nothing he said.
He finally hung up on me. REverselook up will not give me the name, but the number is purportedly a landline in DC area, but I refused to pay for the name. I saw other similar complaints, so I am satisfied that it is indeed a scam.

Caller type: Scammer
Company: US Treasury Legal Dept
Number: 202-280-7489


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