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PJ - 06-17-2014

I received a call from this number for my dad last week, they stated they were with the Federal Trade Commission and an urgent legal matter for him to call back. When I called back the next day I go a recording saying the "Magic Jack" customer you have reached is not available. Today I received a voice mail for my dad from same people saying he was an officer with the FDIC and they had a criminal investigation notice with his name and social security number and was urgent that he call back immediately upon receiving this message. When I called back they said they yes they were with the FDIC, but when I questioned why last week they said they were with the FTC he transferred me to someone else who said his name was William Scott, with a very heavy accent. He said that all the information had been sent and that I can meet the attorney at the court house on Friday if not resolved, when I ask what court house he said he would have the attorney call me back shortly. NO Call yet!!

Number: 202-280-7740


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