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NotNeeded - 07-14-2015

Lady with thick other country accent claimed she was from the government and giving me a $9000 grant that I would not need to pay back and would be wired to the bank of NY. I asked her the name it would be under and multiple other questions to find out if she even knew my name. (she did not) she only had a number to call. I asked a bunch of other questions because I of course was highly skeptical. This is definetly a scam. DO NOT ever give anyone your information that calls you. If they had money for you they would already have the needed information, especially know your name. oh and one of her claims was that I was such a great citizen I pay my taxes and blah blah blah... how do you know that? you don't know who you are calling? and they try to make it seem legit by saying you cant waste the money on something like gambling or what ever. they say to use it on a car house or bills. money not allowed to be transferred as check or cash, must open a debit card with them, they are fishing for your information people! do not fall victim.

Caller type: Scammer
Company: na said government
Number: 202-311-2634


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