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Central Office: WSHNGTNZN1, DC - XO D.C., INC. [?]

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jack - 03-04-2016

503 area code number called my family members cell phone number. A middleastern or Indian man said she was elligable for a $7825.00 payment to her bank account from the Federal Reserve Grant Dept. He then provided a confirmation number and another number (202-403-2239), where another middle eastern/Indian man answered, gave the same speech and asked for my bank account #, routing # and bank name where he then proceeded to ask for a payment of $250.00

Caller type: Scammer
Company: Federal Grant Department
Number: 202-403-2239


Ann - 12-22-2015

Is this grant for real? How do you tell?
Supposedly the gov. picked my name out to give $7849 to for free........I have never heard of this before!!!!!

Caller type: Other
Caller: Grant office in DC
Company: Grant office
Number: 202-403-2239


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