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pandagirl - 08-09-2012

called my cell phone wanting to do a survey. would not disclose company name. i asked to speak him to take me off the list and continually pushed for the survey. after asking to talk to a supervisor multiple times he kept telling me there was none available and he would call me back in 5 minutes with them. then at one point laughed and said he would call me back repeatedly until the survey was complete

Caller type: Surveyor
Caller: louise
Number: 202-417-7606


JB - 03-10-2012

call from 202-417-7606 claimed to be from GE and not a "sales call". I told them to stop calling and take me off the list. They hung right up. I am on the DoNotCall list. How in the heck do these prank callers get my number? It's annoying and they usually claim they are nonprofit and exempt from the DoNotCall list. It is utterly maddening!

Caller type: Other
Company: General Electric
Number: 202-417-7606


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