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Diamonds - 03-21-2014

That’s a long list of numbers but I’m up for the challenge( I might even be enjoying this a little).
As of March 20, 2014 the 202-436-9100 is no longer in service after I had a friendly chat with Mr. Logan Foster and his receptionist Marshall Clarke. I just heatedly explain that this call is being recorded, ask them for their name, who’s account manager, their supervisor name, their better business bureau number and requested to speak to someone else higher when Mr. Foster said he was the supervisor and account manager. I even asked for a different departments.
All this as I google the "Human Health Organization name and address (it’s a valid government company and address is correct.) I also told them that I spoke to the company & that nobody by that name works there, they don't process any information over the phone & without an application, with some sort identification number nor use western union for any activation fee, and that this is a scam and they need to stop calling my husband. (Poor guy called me at work to tell me that he got a grant and that he already gave them his bank account number).
After the 4th time they hung up on me started telling me not to call them back, their relentless and so was I. I called back 8 more times demanding important pertinent information from anybody that answered, advising them know that I’ve reported this call to the HUMAN HEALTH GRANT Company fraud department, and the US fraud, scams and crime unit in Washington Dc and my hometown of Florida.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Logan Foster
Company: Human Health Grants Department
Number: 202-436-9100


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