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spamkiller - 06-05-2012

A woman, called herself Linda Miller called from unknown number saying she is from US Govt Federal Grants Department. She said that I am one of 2000 people chosen yearly for being good citizens paying taxes on time and having no criminal records to receive $10000 grant in next 24hrs, all I need to do was call 202-436-9757 and tell them the confidential code MA109, lol.. Googled this number and ofcourse it was a scam, so just to make fun of these guys I played along and called them up by hiding my caller id, I calmly kept providing them all fake personal details including different fake confidential code like FAF105, once they were into the flow I surprisingly told them that just for their information the call was being tapped by law enforcement(which really wasn't :) lol) and thats just to protect me just in case.. boy that scared the day lights out of them, there was absolute silence on the other end for few mins followed by frustrated blabber and call being disconnected.. Guys be aware of these crooks, don't fall for them but I guess best way of paying them back would be to return the prank which they try to play and have fun in the process lol..

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Linda Miller
Number: 202-436-9757


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