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MOMlove2 - 03-21-2016 ok so they scared me for real... So the average person unless they are aware of all these scams may fall into their trap. When I received this call I was surprised because I always double check all my taxes and make sure all is up to date.. He said I owed taxes for 2012- 2014 and that I had a court date because the IRS was suing me. He said I had to hire a lawyer and would be find about $30,000 dollars. Then he gave me another option to pay $2,000 he said I would have to get a voucher not to use checks or credit card." this is what got me cause a lot of people get asked for their credit card". He said I would have to stay on phone with him at all times when I get the money from my bank and when I am on my way to drop it off at IRS... I was like nope never mind I will go to court. He said really you would rather go to court. I said yes. He then said ok two IRS officers will be at your home within 3-4 hours of the time we spoke. I said ok I will be waiting. Never came my hubby told me look it up on Google and I did and this is what I found..... Guess I'm not the only one...I don't play with The IRS. Thank God it was just a scam and I listened to my gut and not go do the whole process of brining the money or Voucher.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Reed
Company: IRS
Number: 202-455-6957


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