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unidentified - 05-17-2014

I received a call from this number stating that I had qualified for a 7,000 grant from the federal government. I was given two options to receive the funds. One through my bank account or western union. Once I chose western union I was given a code. I was told as soon as the women hung up to call 253-656-5109 provide them with your code and you will receive your grant money.

I called the number gave my code and the man talked so fast and low I kept expressing to him I could not hear him. As he proceeded to speak loudly he expressed that in order to receive the free federal grant there was a one time 200.00 fee that would need to be paid for processing. I expressed to him that if this was from the government why would they have you paying for the processing fee. I told the man this was a scam. He became angry and said if I felt it was a scam then hang up now. So I told him I was reporting the numbers and I hung up. DON'T FALL FOR THIS IT WAS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. SUCH A SCAM. THIS IS SAD THAT PEOPLE RATHER SCAM TO MAKE MONEY INSTEAD OF WORKING A REAL 9 TO 5 JOB.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: no name was expressed
Company: District of Columbia
Number: 202-456-4545


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