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I Ritated - 07-23-2014

Man with accent (perhaps Indian or Pakistanian) left an oddly worded message (maybe they used Bing or Google translator). He said the message was intented for (my name) and he was calling from IRS and that me, my agent or attorney need to call about a time sensitive matter. Then left a whole long message that I didn't understand much of. The syntax he used was often bizarre too. The basic idea was he wanted a call back at 202-506-9761 and an extension that I could not amke out. When I called back I got a busy signal or at other times they answered then a hung up. The next day they called again but didn't leave a message and I didn't answer. Then about 5 minutes later they called again so I answered. It was the same guy claiming to be from the IRS - I laughed and told him I didn't believe him and that he was a scammer. He started speaking in a serious voice and said something about "everyday" and I said - "Everyday scammers like you call - just take me off your call list." So far no more calls.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Lance Lince Loggar allegedly
Company: Claimed to be from the IRS yeah right
Number: 202-506-9761


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