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Jesse - 10-13-2014

From Washington DC it's got to be a political call. Our call blocker got it first so I'll never know... or care. We block every area code (that includes 800, etc.) and only get local calls. The creeps are getting wise to that; twice this year they've used a local numbers; that is only a minor annoyance - press the block button twice and those calls are blocked. That's compared to a couple calls a day that we don't have to take. Looking at the Caller ID is not an answer for us; even with a dozen phones on each floor of three buildings we'd still have to go to the phone. When the outside bell rings it is hard just to beat the answering machine to pick up first. Thank you Digitone. (I'm a delighted customer, not an employee.)

Caller type: Other
Caller: I didnt answer see the comments
Company: Fake WASHINGTON DC on the Caller ID
Number: 202-517-9959


Tony - 09-25-2014

This person has been calling me every day at different times for the past three weeks.

There is no one on the other line and Caller ID says "Unknown".

This is harassment and someone should put a stop to it. I know it's naïve, but I hope that something can be done. Thank you.

Number: 202-517-9959


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