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Kim - 07-24-2015

Received call Thursday July 23 2015
Caller did not identify herself nor state co, just started saying "you" have legal pending cases against"you", not identifying who "you" is she is referring to...

I hung up, looked up okcall # is Verizon registered to RECOVERY STATE

I called #, with my # blocked, it rang very long time, until outgoing vm states you've reached Jessica meyers to leave a msg.

I did not. I blocked the # from my ph, in hopes they do not have higher tech phishing technology to get my caller id from my call and try calling mr again from other ph numbers.

I got this call after several months now of multiple #s from different states/international looking calls/#s claiming fraudulent activity online with my ph n SSN, fake debts, false claims if legal cases threats of legal action against me.

My father was harassed similarly for past six months someone claiming asking for me threatening in nature, so he hangs up since he doesn't does or understand much English.

Be aware of fraud, scams, etc. I am disabled and protected by Medicare laws, SSA Ssdi, which Mr Dunlop an SSA employee finally concluded and sent to SSA investigation dept for unaccountable/missing funds of over $12,700USD from SSA SSDI deposits to her nfcu account. SSA is irresponsible and responsible, Federal and state government agencies and their employees/contractors are liable for their own mistakes, misdiagnoses, mismanagement of my disability case, and lack of action to pursue payee abuse fraud theft of federal funds, which caused severe financial/medical hardships on disabled persons incl me, for their inability, unprofessionalusm, and direct negligence of their own responsibilities to protect from payee fraud abuse and theft, discrimination against my disabilities rights, human rights, civil rights. Constitutional rights, etc.

All rights reserved. I reserve all my rights under the laws in all jurisdictions, and my sovereignty, personal rights.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: no looked up registered to RECOVERY STATE vm says Jessica Meyers
Company: no lease oked up verizon registered to RECOVERY STATE vm says Jesdica Meyers
Number: 202-545-6742


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