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Sandra Butler - 06-11-2014

My daughter got a call from these people and since she was trying to find a grant for school she thought she was lucky to have someone try to help her. She had just started college and these people said she had qualified for this loan or grant. They wanted $250 at first but she is on welfare and could not pay that. She told them all she had was $70.00 and for her to get a green dot card and give them the number. Well she did all this and then they wanted $350 more. My daughter is in tears at this point and just wanted her money back. They said the are keeping her money on hold till she can come up with the other cash. My daughter suffers from PTSD and was so upset that she had allowed this scam thinking she was actually getting help. We need someone's help! Please! We have Two other numbers that were used also in this whole scam operation. We are just devastated as she is on welfare and trying to better herself for her and her two kids.
253-842-6561 and 347-434-2018 these were the other numbers that were used in this scam.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Foreign caller cannot understand name
Company: government grant
Number: 202-600-8027


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