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Alex Midori - 09-04-2010

About a week ago my mother was contacted through the phone from a person named Jessica.
This "Jessica" was talking to my mother about scholarships and made her believe that she was eligible for the "scholarship" because she still goes to s near-by school, on the contrary she was rushing through everything because well maybe because she wanted her damn money.

Later she tells her to go to a western union to transfer money and wire it to them in India. Which then I thought was a bit suspicious because why the hell would anyone send money to a so called "company" which is in a third-world-country.

This process kept continuing and finally we were fed up with their lies about them guaranteeing them our money that they owed us.

This phone number need to be reported to Government Agencies because this kind of activity is so unacceptable.

Everything totaled up and it adds up to basically anbout a couple of thousands of dollars.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Jessica and later David Lewis
Company: US Grant Department fake definately
Number: 202-621-0859


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