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Claudia Garcia-McIntosh - 06-03-2011

Hi Guys,
Hey, your worries are over! If these numb nuts have been harassing you, you are going to love this. This dirtbag called me for the 1st time a few months ago. He could barely pronounce my name, said he was "Officer Mike Johnson" with the Washington DC Federal office. When the dipwad told me my social security number had been blacklisted with the US government, I knew he was full of garbage. Then he called back yesterday-his timing really made me mad, was dealing with a pain level of about 8, trying to get some sleep/rest before getting to work, and the calls woke me up both times. I never answer numbers I do not recognize if they don't show a name, so he had to leave messages, and these were even more stupid than the first time he called-he told me I was facing impending arrest if I did not agree to pay them what I owed. ( no specific amount was mentioned) The second time they woke me I sort of lost my temper and called them back to tell them off, I left them this message "Hey, Dumbass, what you are doing is so illegal it is not funny. I am so glad I grew up in a family of lawyers, because I know my rights, YOU'RE GOIN' DOWN!!!" and hung up.
After calming down a bit I did some research on FTC's website, and found out that it may have been better to try to get more info from the perpetrators, (while I was doing this research, "Officer Johnson" called me 5 times, left his threat again during 1 of these calls!). I got off my computer and called them back, and rather than get a greeting from some bogus company, a young man with a much slighter accent answered with a simple "Hello?" I used my sweetest tone of voice to ask very nicely for Officer Mike Johnson, and the guy replied "He's dead" !!!!! I was surprised at first, and pushed a bit further, saying How can that be, he just called me 5 minutes ago? to which he replied, yes he just died 5 minutes ago. Can you believe the sleaze!! I told him sarcastically that I was very sorry for his loss, and that I would not be calling any more. ARGGH!! If I can ever do anything to help bust these slime balls, I will be happy to, feel free to contact me, just leave a reply here. Ding done the dirtbag's dead?!
Have filed formal complaints with FTC,State AG and local authorities, hope you will too, lets bust these creeps.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Officer Mike Johnson
Company: Washington DC Federal Field Office
Number: 202-643-4092


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