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Timeshare Bait - 03-13-2012

Excuse for hard-sell timeshare. Two unrelated companies are involved, one gets paid by supplying suckers, the other moves timeshares.
* Robo-call for "Political Survey"
* Starts with Turing Test to determine if your phone number answers with a machine or real person.
* Canvasser "Representatives" are efficiently assigned to collect your personal information with a ruse of "Political Survey"
* Caribbean Cruse Line weenie is dangled to hook suckers for "free vacation", which is entirely true.

* If you bite - Hard-Sell timeshare salespeople will prevent you from enjoying your "free vacation" on the way or once you get there because you must wait for your voucher to pay for your vacation by attending a mandatory 72 hour "seminar" pressuring you to buy a very expensive deed for a very tiny amount of land which comes with a contract for "maintenance fees" and set you free early when you sign.

Total SCAM to get around who can robo-call.
Caller: Caribbean Cruse Line
Call Type: Survey

Caller type: Telemarketer
Number: 202-644-8497


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