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Kadia - 06-29-2015

They are claiming to be US Department of Treasury. After literally 11 calls from 11:33am eastern to just about 2:00pm eastern time, I answered. Said my name and phone number was chosen to get a grant of $8400. But all I had to do is confirm my address and give them either my bank account info or a pre-paid card and they would direct deposit the money. I told them I would not give them that info and if I actual won this then they can send a certified check through the mail if not then its a scam. The guy said to me, at which I laughed at him, "they received to many complaints about sending checks through the mail from other people and that's why they only offer it by direct deposit." I, after I stopped laughing, said let me speak to supervisor. He put me on hold for not even 2 minutes and got back on phone to tell me that the supervisor was not there. I then told him to not call me and that I was going to make it known this is a scam.

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 202-666-1446


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