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karen - 10-03-2014

I just received a call from 202-666-8229, The guy on the line sounded like he was a foreigner from India or somewhere like that. He told me that I was randomly selected to receive an $8400 government grant that I would never have to pay back. He said that I was selected due to my good history with the government, never having filed bankruptcy, etc. He then wanted my debit card information or bank account information. I told him that I do NOT give that info to someone over the phone, who I don't know! I told him to either send me the check or provide info that I could verify that this was legit. I told him that there are a lot of scams out there and he tried to reassure me that it was not a scam. I told him that I was looking it up on my computer as we spoke. His voice started getting louder and testy. I told him that it is not professional to get that way and he got even louder, finally telling me to go F*** myself! After that, I found the link to this site and decided to report my experience in order to help others.

Caller type: Scammer
Company: US Government Grant Program
Number: 202-666-8229


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