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Steven Moritz - 01-21-2013

I got texting and emails actually, and no calls. Wanted to buy my laptop that was online and told him/her okay. Well, then she said him/her said they would send the shipping money to my PayPal account ($600 dollars: $100 dollars to cover shipping, and $500 to me) So I said okay, however, when the money did not come through I got a text from him/her saying that the money had gone through. I checked my Inbox, no email, so I checked my spam, and their it was. I looked at it and thought to myself why I was being told the money was pending until I delivered the computer. The him/her apparently said to ship it to Washington DC first and I said okay, then things started going from there when I told them I did not have money to send. Him/her got angry and said that they wanted the money right now, then in the morning, then next week, I told them I could not at all, because of no job, or anything that I have and I had nothing. Him/her told me to send it first thing in the morning, the text was not all the time spelled correctly or anything. So I told off the him/her and said nice try by putting all that stuff in. it is not even valid. After all how am I to even supposed to ship something to Washington D.C. then to Nigeria? The funny thing is that I looked at the PayPal Validity and it said that the emails were not valid at all.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Two names acyually popped up Alice Smile and Afolibi Wuraola
Company: All it said was about PayPal
Number: 202-681-3158


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