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B Simmons - 01-14-2015

I received an email from < advising they received my resume and would like to do an interview thru Yahoo IM screen name interviewmanagerdesk45. Offered the job and stated they purchase the office equipment needed to work from home such as lap top, printer, copier, fax, etc. and will be sending a check to make the purchase. Stated with will get a hiring package including your w2s and i9 form and asks for your address. I was contacted the next day with a tracking number stating the check will arrive that day. I called the PNC Bank treasury management dept and was told the checking account is valid but there are no funds available. FRAUD!! I advised the fraudster the sheriff was on the way and they have ceased all contacts.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Angela Thomas and Susan Smith
Company: Suncorp Group
Number: 202-688-8133


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