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Terry - 01-05-2015

Just got a call- didn't pick up. They left a message saying:
(It was a computer generated voice- not a live human or taped live human.)
"This is the IRS, the Internal Revenue Service. We have been trying to reach you. This is your final notice that we will be filing a lawsuit against you. Call 202-697-9396."
As I know I have filed all taxes, it is obviously a scam. Also, about 25 years ago, there was a year I didn't file- and I know from that, that they will send you letter after letter if they have any kind of issue with you.
I may call back just to screw with them! They definitely called the wrong person!
(Actually, that was the # in the caller ID is actually not working- so I'm not positive that was the number it came from, I just assumed. I need to call phone co. today to get the ID back on. I have been getting a lot of "hang-ups" recently- as I haven't been picking up since I haven't been able to see the #. People I know call my cell- nobody really calls my home # anymore- so maybe it's been them trying to get me on the line. Good luck with that!)

Caller type: Scammer
Company: The IRS
Number: 202-697-9396


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