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Bullet - 02-06-2016

Called me twice today, Said it was an Officer Brown with the IRS and that some information on my tax return was fraudulent activity and that I should call right away.
I called and acted all concerned said I need to straighten it out asap.
He was a foreigner, Sounded like he was from India or somewhere close to it.
He asked me to hold while he pulls up my record, I asked him how do you know my SS# when he didn't ask for it yet (not that I was gonna give him my real one anyway) He then asked me if he was speaking to Carlos something or other, I said yes I'm Carlos and I thought he had a very sexy voice (LOL) and he replied he wasn't gay. I said neither am I mother fucker, don't call this number again you piece of shit scammer...he hung up before I pulled the phone away from my ear.
If you get a call from them have some fun with them, Sad to say but I'm sure some folks get taken by these thieves.
Be smart and NEVER give out any personal information to these scumbags

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Officer Brown
Company: IRS
Number: 202-697-9551


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