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Linda - 05-30-2015

Got a call from number305 356 9999,they had my name and address. Said I have been select out of 17000 people to receive $8500 in Grant Money from US government. Said I should call 202 738 1577 and give them a code number. Which I did, I got a man saying he was Michael Stewart Ex106. He stated the money would be sent to a money grant receiving place like Wal-Mart but I needed to pay $250 something to do with state tax regulations. I told him he was a scammer..he replied I could call him back any time Ex 106. I could hear other people talking in the background sould like a call-center!

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Micheal Stewart
Company: US Goverment Grant Money
Number: 202-738-1577


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