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Derek - 03-25-2015

A lady, who indentified herself as Alisha Yong, called from this number. She said because I am not in debt, that I could receive a grant for $7000. She asked me if I wanted to receive it as direct deposit into my bank, moneygram or western union. Playing along with her bs, I told her to send it to Walmart. She proceeded to give me a grant approval number and the following phone number; 240-244-7766. She said to call this number back when I get to Walmart, I assume, then talk to her Senior Account manager John Berry. I said OK. Hung up the phone and looked up their bs number on Google. So here is another post for you guys to see. Time for some TV.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Alisha Yong
Number: 202-738-1614


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