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Greg - 04-22-2014

My roommate received a call on his cell phone about a government grant. Strangely, the caller asked to speak to me. The caller ID said 'restricted'. The caller said I had a government grant coming to me. They were foreign and I could barely understand them. They asked if I wanted the money sent to me by mail, bank account(which I don't have), or some other way. They also said I had a clean record, including a bankruptcy record. Actually, I did file bankruptcy in 2003. They were very evasive about some questions I had, including the name of their company and how they got my roommate's cell number. When I said I wouldn't answer any more questions or agree to anything until I spoke with a supervisor or manager, they then gave me a number to call, a confirmation number, and told me to ask for a Kevin Parker. Out of curiosity, I called the number, which was 202-738-1924. The individual I spoke with, also foreign, proceeded to give me the same spiel the other guy did. When I again expressed my suspicions, the guy told me he would call me back in 20-30 minutes.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Caller: Kevin Parker
Company: unknown they wouldnt tell me
Number: 202-738-1924


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