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Nicole - 04-17-2014

I was called yesterday evening from this number to which I answered to a lady with a thick Middle Eastern accent whose name was supposedly Michelle. No ID #, just said she was from the US Federal Grant Department. She told me I had been approved to receive a $7,000 Grant that I could use for whatever, specifically said that! What federal grant associate would say "for whatever"? -.- The supposed reason for my approval was that I paid my school funds on time, filed taxes on time and because I have no criminal record. She gave me an approval #: LAP247, told me to call 202-738-1065 to speak to a Finance Manager this morning to get my grant released to me.

So I called'em, man with a thick Middle Eastern accent answered, said his name was Tim. He told me that in order to receive it I had to go to Walgreens, purchase a Green Dot Money Pak card, load $260 into it, call him back, read off the number on the Money Pak card to him & THEN I would receive the grant within 10-15 min afterwards. (Right.) Supposedly the $260 was to pass some kinda security purpose for them to confirm I was the correct person. (Mhm.) He said it would immediately be refunded with the grant transaction...

Unfortunately, I am a desperate, struggling full-time college student (Relatable or nah?) with way too much Faith in possible miracles so emotionally this kinda broke my heart. BUT! Not stupid though, I did my research on good ol' Google & here I am. Same numbers & stories. (Mmm.) So now I just keep calling them back to make them think I'm on my way to load the money meanwhile asking them questions about their legitimacy. He even gave me a phony looking website! USAGOVERNMENTGRANTS.ORG

Ugh, anyways. Please don't, just don't.

- Played for a Fool College Student

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Michelle Tim
Company: us federal grant department
Number: 202-738-2323


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