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Sfalcon11 - 09-10-2014

Second time in a week.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Number: 202-753-7470


daniele - 08-20-2014

Wake up America. yes, all state departments are contracting everybody and anybody with ability to torture. License given to them: rob and kill and bring on half of the loot. keep the rest for you and your family. Police can seize you and your property under "civil asset forfeiture law" check it out guys. Reason for which we have such an escalation of harassment, false imprisonment and no. of deaths. Who digs in such an instant 'blessing" to get rich over night? Everybody? Hm!

Certainly those in place of power position and secret access to law enforcement, courts and torture institutions. Who is the victim?
Those who refuse to accept such memberships and to be part of such a crime to Our Morality.

Caller type: Sociopath
Caller: world association of sociopaths potentially anybody and everybodyeverybody
Company: Matcom CTST Chenega Blackom Vilacis John Steffan John W Feeney Weinstein
Number: 202-753-7470


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