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Miriam - 07-11-2015

Received a call from 202-759-9992 on 7/11/15 with a recording saying they are USA Home Survey taking a house survey of the neighborhood in which I live. DO NOT ANSWER THEIR QUESTIONS, as they ask personal questions about you and your residence which is NOT OF THEIR BUSINESS. They do not ask your opinion, they ask info relating to you and your residence, which could be used for unscrupulous purposes later. This has nothing to do about your opinion, but a way to gather personal information......DO NOT answer their questions.

Many Scammers, identity thieves, even FBI, and NSA (National Security Agency) data collection buildings use front fictitious companies to gather information on the American population by phone, computer, etc. Professional Identity thieves in particular are using such tactics.

If you want to have fun with these covert phone info gathering operations, just answer their questions with the most OUTRAGEOUS fictitious numbers you can think of and give them a taste of their own medicine: example: how many people live in your home residence or can reply a number like 89 people. How many credit cards do you have....say 869. You get my drift. OR simply hang up.

Caller type: Surveyor
Caller: automated survey
Company: USA Home Survey
Number: 202-759-9992


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