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Angel - 07-24-2014

I'm a IRS Revenue Agent and I know for a fact the IRS don't operate in this manner by calling individuals to inform them they are in trouble and we need their info in order to resolve the issue. Never the less my 74 yr mother got a call from this number yesterday and today she called me to inform me of this call. Luckly we had this talk before and she knew better not to give out her information. People we need to have this talk with our elderly just as we do with our children on other topics because the elderly tend to be trustING and believe others. Long story short I did contact the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration ( and reported the incident. There's a tidal wave of fraud using Internet phones has hit the United States. Millions of dollars already have been stolen by criminals impersonating federal officers from the IRS while hiding in countries like India and Pakistan, where most of the calls originate. Be on guard and write to your congressman only they can enact laws that will counter attack this wave of scams.

Caller type: Scammer
Company: IRS
Number: 202-803-5026


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