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bob - 07-17-2014

I was left a message from 2028131930 saying " Hi, this call is from Dynamics Recovery and Debt Collector. We have a matter to discuss with you in your office. If you please can give us a call at 8778211657 we would appreciate it. Again the free-call number is 8778211657. Thanks for your cooperation" It was a ridiculous attempt of a call. No name given no sign of knowing me or what was the "matter" about. A form of phishing but through phone calls. I googled the number and found out their scamming nature. If you get these kinds of calls, report them immediately.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Company: Dynamics Recovery and Debt Collection
Number: 202-813-1930


High FICO - 04-15-2014

When pressed she said Dynamic Recovery Solutions. Important regarding my social security #. She hung up. I called number but was asked to leave a message as all agents are busy. I'll bet all two of them.

Caller type: Scammer
Company: DHS
Number: 202-813-1930


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