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ND Chavez - 04-10-2012

no called on a business line, left a threat, stated she was looking for me affiliated with this company ? left a number and a case id number no further info did not identify themselves happens from a variety of phone numbers that never answer just threaten and intimidate. I will NOT give pers info to this caller if indeed they are a collections agency they can send a dam bill according to NM law

Caller type: Other
Number: 202-827-1502


Joe S - 03-23-2012

Called claiming they were from the "fraud and worthless claim division." A woman who claimed to be a "senior investigator" got on the phone and asked me for my social security number. When I refused, she started screaming, claiming that they were going to have me picked up by the police and I could then verify it to the judge if I liked. I still refused, and she said, "I hope you like it in jail," and hung up.

I haven't had a checking account in almost 7 years, and the statute of limitations on bounced checks is generally around 2 years, meaning this is some company who purchased a check I might've bounced a decade ago, for pennies on the dollar, and they're going to try and scare me into paying them for it.

These are bottom feeders of the worst kind. If they call and threaten you, don't worry. They have zero ability to do anything.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: refused to give it
Company: Fraud and Worthless Check Division
Number: 202-827-1502


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