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Bystander - 11-02-2015

We have some cell phones that a former friend signed for. We get calls on each phone, stating that a "complaint" has been filed. We suppose that the caller believes that the person that they are trying to reach is at one of our phones because the phones are in that person's name. The caller's phone number (CallerID) is a local number, but the message states that the person that they are trying to reach should call (202)836-8558 and identify themselves by an ID that begins with MCC, followed by several numbers. They threaten to come to the home or place of employment. They state that someone from the security department of the company where they come to meet the person being "served" must be present in order to witness the meeting. They also state an address (supposedly of the person that the complaint was for) that was several years old.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Company: the Processing Division
Number: 202-836-8558


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