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anonymous - 06-17-2015

Beware these Tele Town Halls. or I randomly received a call from 1-202-838-3284 which randomly, or perhaps not so randomly called, survey style. The Tele Town Hall business is set up to make it seem that you are listening in on a "town hall discussion", but I believe it is for information collection purposes. The sponsor / client of the Town Hall I listened in on today was not openly revealed. In light of the fact that the Topic "discussed" was Open Carry in Texas and the panelists and faux callers all seemed to be against the new law, one can logically assume that the Tele Town Hall discussion I heard was paid for by a sinister blue source. Based on the inquiries, "Press 1 if you own a gun", "Press 1 if you plan on using Open Carry. Press 2 if you will not use Open Carry. Press 3 if you will consider using Open Carry in the future", I believe some sickos are out there trying to gather info on who exactly / personally in Texas owns a gun and if they would use it. These Tele Town Hall businesses are based in Virginia and DC. I am certain there are others. I briefly researched the above number and it comes up as non existent. If you choose to listen in on this DO NOT answer the questions.

Caller type: Surveyor
Caller: Ashley
Company: Tele Town Hall
Number: 202-838-3284


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